Since 2011, Bead Town has transformed the lives of more than 25,000 young people, tourists and other volunteers in Louisiana, Indiana and Illinois. Our impact is not only visible in the young people that show up to Bead Town programs every day, but also in the incredible artworks they create. Former Bead Town students, now young adults, are all still following Bead Town projects wherever those projects are being executed. Across the nation furthering their education, empowering their communities, and achieving their dreams because of previous skills learned at Bead Town.

With your support, we will be able to give more teens, volunteers, seniors the chance to create art, learn new skills and tell their own stories. There are so many people out there we simply do not have the capacity to reach them yet. We are having so much impact. The momentum volunteers and students of Bead Town have created together for Bead Town is unstoppable, its artworks have been viewed all over the World, and we must continue to support it.

You can request a sponsorship brochure at throwmesomething (at) or send us a note via the CONTACT us page by clicking here.

Donation Levels

The Portrait $5,000 (Only 20 spots available)

A valuable donation that will be permanently visible as an artwork. Your Portrait (similar to the mural Life in the French Quarter) will be included on the next Bead Town project. We would need a high resolution file of your picture or the person that you would like to have displayed on Bead Town's 5th Guinness World Records attempt. We will also include two official Bead Town t-shirts.

The Friend $1,000 (Only 50 spots available)

You will receive a beaded Chicago Flag or Indiana State Flag artwork (size: 21" x 17") personally created and signed by Stephan. We would need a return address so that we can ship the artwork to you. We will also include and add your name on the back of our next mural. Approximately 8" x6" in size. We will also include two t-shirts in the shipment.

The Fan $100 (Unlimited)

We will add your name on the back of our next Guinness Wolrd Records attempt. Approximately 8" x 6" in size. Funds received will be used to defray production cost of the Bead Town projects.

Any financial support will be greatly appreciated. We know too well what kind of impact volunteering for a cause can have. We are also looking for new board members with experience in the area of accounting, legal, business growth, management, grant opportunities, etc. We would also greatly appreciate if you can help us spread the Bead Town message on your Social Media channels.

About Bead Town

Bead Town is an exciting, interactive art exhibit and educational project that applies innovative teaching methods, while recycling Mardi Gras beads and other found objects. Participating students and volunteers work on locally themed artworks that become part of the larger Bead Town exhibit. For more information visit our website or send us a note.  

Making Your Donation Permanent

Legacy Foundation is a community foundation and the leading philanthropic partner serving Lake County, Indiana. The foundation has guided and provided financial grants for Bead Town projects in Gary, IN and Lake County since 2015. 

For 2018 Bead Town hopes to built and grow relationships with likeminded organizations so that we can grow Bead Town's incredible possibilities.